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Apocalypse Nigh is the "campaign mode" that showcases the mechanics of Open Hero Odyssey.

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You can read about the current playtesting sessions by clicking on Chronicles, below.

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OHO has entered into Phase One implementation, and we've begun table-top alpha play testing. Character sheets and dice are replaced by a mobile app (coming soon!) that controls the minute aspects of play, while mechanics are tested (like damage, and certain special abilities), on player and game master side. The goal for players here is to test the limits of the mechanics and rules as they are stated. Min/maxing for this purpose is highly encouraged. The goal for game masters is to get a feel for running gaming sessions with the mechanics, and seeing where problems arise in practice.
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Chronicles of the playtesters!

Play adventures in the Imperium...

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  • Play in the most powerful and magically advanced nation of Ithar!
  • Adventure in the different Districts of the Imperium!
  • Learn about the intrigue and backstory of Apocalypse Nigh!

The districts of the Imperium span the entire continent of Golragath. Here is your chance to rub elbows with archmages in the Capital District and slum with thugs in the Lower District, to harvest mushrooms in the Swamp District and take in a magical sporting event with well-to-do merchants in the Northern District, and everything else in between.

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